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Dalmatians are a very active breed and intelligent breed. They are very suitable to be a working dog, as well as being a good family pet. They are amazing companion dogs, that will always look to please their owner. Being that Dalmatians can be a bit hard-headed, training and early socialization will help make the well-rounded dogs and members of the family. Dalmatians are also very alert and can make an amazing wachdog.

Three Dalmatian puppies sitting with yarn.

Thinking about getting a new puppy?

Here are a few things to consider when getting a Dalmatian or any breed of dog.

  1. Think about why you want a pet.
  2. Will you have enough time for the pet?
  3. If you don't live alone discuss pet options with others in your household.
  4. Can you take proper care of your pet?

Need help naming your new puppy? Here's some suggestions.

Male Dog Names Female Dog Names
1. Gus 1. Sadie
2. Cole 2. Pepper
3. Milo 3. Ellie
4. Sam 4. Daisy
5. Cooper 5. Zoe
6. Max 6. Rosie
7.Bailey 7. Shay
8. Jack 8. Chloe
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